Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C Injections

It is estimated that 40% of people may be lacking in Vitamin B12.

A deficiency of Vitamin B12 can cause the following affects:

Extreme Tiredness
Muscle Weakness
Disturbed Vision
A dry, red tongue
Mouth ulcers
Pins and Needles
Physiological problems may include depression and confusion
Problems with Memory and Judgement

Treatment Plan: 1 x month.
Cost: £30 per injection.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, has several important functions:

Boosts your immune system
Protects cells and helps to keep them healthy
Maintains healthy skn, blood vessels, bones and cartilage
Helps with wound healing

Adults aged 19-64yrs require 49mg Vit C per day. Smokers require more.

Treatment Plan: 1 x per month
Cost: £50 per injection.

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