High Frequency Facial

High Frequency treatment is a very safe, non-invasive and pain free approach to skin rejuvenation. High frequency is a gentle, antibacterial, healthy and non-invasive way of treating many skin types and skin conditions ranging from aged and wrinkled skin types to acne, congested, large open pores, puffy eyes, tired and sagging skin tone, and even hair loss. High Frequency can be used anywhere on the body.


When treating aging skin high frequency firms and tones by causing an immediate circulation rush to the tissues. This causes tiny blood vessels to dilate safely and feed the skin with oxygen and nutrients. The muscles to contract becoming firmer and toned. The lymphatic system flushes away toxins and impurities. this sequence of events results in increased blood circulation, increased cell renewal as well as an increase in Collagen and Elastin to smooth away lines, reduce pores size and give a fabulous healthy skin.


Because of its natural antibacterial and germicidal cleansing effect high frequency is a superb treatment for acne, inflamed and congested skin types. It will help minimise pores, dry up blemishes and help to heal and restore skin health.

Recommended Course plan:  3-6 treatments, 2 weeks apart.


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