Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum

Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum is fantastic for inadequate and fine eyelashes, or simply if you want to enhance the lashes you already have.

This serum makes eyelashes more noticeable by causing New Lash Growth. It makes eyelashes Longer, Thicker and Darker.

Each person has between 150-200 lashes on their upper eyelid and 75-100 on their lower lid. They are arranged in 3 different rows.
Our eyelashes are constantly being shed and the average life span of an eyelash is 100-150 days.
As each lash falls out there will be a baby lash ready to take its place in approximately 4 weeks.
The serum can also be used on Eyebrows.
This serum is the only product scientifically proven to improve lash growth.

The serum is applied to the eyelashes (eyebrows or both) once a day at the root of the upper lid, as we blink the serum will be safely transferred to the bottom eyelashes.

Cost: £150  (for 2 bottles).

This eyelash growth serum is a prescription only product so please call or message me for details.

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