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Dermal Fillers are used to put back and/ or add loss  of volume to areas such as cheeks, lips, nose to mouth lines and marionette lines to create more fullness and youthfulness.

I have had extensive and advanced training in this area of aesthetics to ensure her treatments are safe, current and achieve the desired results.

I have worked in the aesthetics industry for over 35 years and have an expert knowledge in anatomy and facial aesthetics, therefore you can be assured that you will be provided with  a safe, careful treatment and the desired results you want to achieve.

To ensure of your safety I am also qualified to deal with any complications that may in the unlikely event arise, and I am qualified in Hyaluronidase and First Aid, which I refresh on a yearly basis.

Lip Enhancement 0.5ml from £150
Lip Enhancement 1ml from £195
Smokers Lines from £170
Nose to Mouth Lines from £250
Marionette Lines from £150
Cheeks from £300

This is an Advanced Non-surgical treatment. It targets the whole of the middle and lower face. It gives volume and definition to lift, contour, and revitalise and give youthfulness to the whole of the face.
Using specific techniques and Specific Dermal Fillers for longevity the effects can last up to 24 months.

The areas treated are:

Cheek Structure-volume and definition.
Tear Troughs- takes away the dark, tired, hollow appearance.
The Malar Fat Pad- the large fold that exacerbates the nose to mouth lines.
Nasal Labial Folds- lifts and smooths out the nose to mouth lines..
Downwards Smile- turns the mouth corners upwards.
Jowl Area- tightens/firms the jowls.
Marionette Lines- smooths out and lifts the marionette lines.
Jaw Line- defines and sharpens the jawline.

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