Anti- Wrinkle Injections 

are  a proven, safe  and effective procedure to help relax the muscles on our forehead that cause lines, wrinkles and  frown lines.

It can also help to lessen the lines (crows feet) around our eyes that become more prominent through aging, making them less obvious.  

Tracey has had extensive, training in anti- wrinkle njectables to ensure your saftey and well- being is paromount. 

Tracey also provides advanced anti-wrinkle Injections.

*A face-face consultation is required with the nurse prescriber prior to treatment.

  • 1 x Area £150
  • 2 x Area's £190
  • 3 X Area's £230.
  • Chin, mouth,bunnylines £25 per area in addition to the above areas.


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